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Since 2004 we have helped thousands of clients find Hair Happiness during a challenging time.

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Human Hair Wig Specialist

“One of the most horrific experiences of cancer is losing your hair. While you are making difficult decisions about your treatment plan you may also be facing the reality of hair loss. For many, losing your hair symbolizes a loss of self, a loss of control and the visible confrontation of being ill. You are no longer in control of your appearance. Wearing a “bad” wig is a public statement that you are sick. But for most, cancer is a very private and personal experience.

Shopping for a wig is a difficult experience. Girl On the Go! can help.

Client Testimonials

In 2014 Cecil was a strong and beautiful 16 year old Honor Student and Cheerleader. In 2015 cancer took her long blonde hair but thanks to your gorgeous hair (wig) cancer has not taken not her spirit or beauty! Thank you for your help.  
# CecilStrong

Cecil’s Grandmother, Dr Pullen, AL

“Yes — it made me cry.
Those who knew I had on a wig were amazed . And people who didn’t know still didn’t know. It was precisely what I had hoped for when I ordered my custom wig.
So THANK YOU for your commitment, persistence, and dedication to making this work. I’m truly satisfied — and happy.”

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the wig experience today with Dee. She was wonderful !
Made my experience so nice. I loved all the wigs you selected for me!!
I would highly recommend your company.
Thank you so very much. I love this wig.