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Wigs For Cancer Patients

We offer private in home wig shopping with a professional stylist right in your home. Wigs for Cancer Patients should be undetectable and beautiful. Ours are! Have a wig custom cut and fit just for you so you can look and feel your very best. Call us today and schedule an appointment. Let us help you take the stress out of wig shopping.

Whether your hair loss is caused by cancer or alopecia, you can be the same active person you were before it occurred. Let us help you remain confident in your appearance so you can be a Girl on the Go!SM

  • Have a wig custom cut and styled so you feel and Look Just Like You.
  • A unique wig shopping experience. Our stylists bring our wig shop to you so you can shop in the comfort of your own home.
  • Complete privacy and discretion.
  • A custom fitting by a wig stylist who is sensitive to your needs.
  • An appointment time that is convenient for you.
  • The ability for you to include your support circle at your consultation for their opinions and advice.
  • The opportunity to give a private wig consultation to a woman embarking on this journey as a gift.

Since 2004 we have helped more than 6,000 clients find Hair Happiness during a challenging time.

Be Well, Stay Strong, Remain a Girl on the Go!


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“One of the most horrific experiences of cancer is losing your hair. While you are making difficult decisions about your treatment plan you may also be facing the reality of hair loss. For many, losing your hair symbolizes a loss of self, a loss of control and the visible confrontation of being ill. You are no longer in control of your appearance. Wearing a “bad” wig is a public statement that you are sick. But for most, cancer is a very private and personal experience.

Shopping for a wig is a difficult experience. From walking into the shop, to waiting for the attendant, it can feel as exposing as trying on a bathing suit in a public parking lot! Girl On the Go! has the solution.”

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Your salon can help women cope with their hair loss from cancer or illness

We are developing a network of salons across the United States to be apart of the Girl on the Go brand. Our mission is to keep women feeling good about themselves so hair loss does not hold them back. We want women to feel confident in their appearance so they will be active and on the go!

Girl on the Go is emerging as a brand that is not just about the wig – we are about making women feel beautiful again. Our website is a top ranked resource for women searching for help for their hair loss. Our goal is to become the national retail brand that women demand and trust. We know that while there are national wig manufactures, there is no national wig retail brand across the country.

We are looking to fill that void by partnering with selected hair salons and become the retail brand women from California to Maine demand and trust. Articles about our solid customer service approach in More magazine, Business Week, and Women’s World have resulted in women across the county (who are experience hair loss for a variety of reasons) writing to us and asking us to be available for them. They agree women deserve a kinder, gentler, Girl on the Go! wig shopping experience. Help may wig shopping stressless for your clients.

If you would like to learn more about our becoming apart of our growing salon network please contact us at

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Wig Styling Testimonials

In 2014 Cecil was a strong and beautiful 16 year old Honor Student and Cheerleader. In 2015 cancer took her hair but not her spirit or beauty!
Cecli’s grandmother , Dr. Pullen, wrote us thanking us for the gorgeous wig Cecil is wearing in the last photo. She said the wig helped ease the pain.
# CecilStrong

“Yes — it made me cry.
Those who knew I had on a wig were amazed . And people who didn’t know still didn’t know. It was precisely what I had hoped for when I ordered my custom wig.
So THANK YOU for your commitment, persistence, and dedication to making this work. I’m truly satisfied — and happy.”
JA from MA

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the wig experience today with Martine. She was wonderful !
Made my experience so nice. I loved all the wigs you selected for me!!
I would highly recommend your company.
Thank you so very much .