My experience with chemo was much like having the flu. It was a cycle.
For me I’d have chemo and within hours I’d feel off- like I was coming down
with something. Then for the next 3 -5 days – I’d feel steadily on the
decline – maybe not bad enough to be bedridden but I felt like I had
a slight flu. Not fun. By the 8th day or so I could tell I was slowly rebounding. By the 10th day I defiantly felt much more like myself only weaker. The climb back to feeling like me continued until my chemo treatment was in the PAST. YEAH!

During the “good times” I always did fun things. I always had a plan –
something to look forward to before it started all over again. It is as
much of a mind game as anything. After my chemo sessions I usually bought
myself a present – – a pair of earrings was my first gift to me that I
wore constantly for years. A reminder of my battle and I was the
conquering hero.