Curly Hair Wigs


You’ve loved your curls and you’ve hated them. Girl on the Go understands that.  They are your signature look. You don’t want to lose them.  You may have already gone wig shopping and found out that most wigs are made with straight hair.   Or, you might have tried on curly hair wigs and not felt like yourself in them. 

That is because curl patterns are as individual  fingerprints.  

Wearing somebody else’s curls can look ridiculous. Not all curls are created equal.  

Curly hair wigs that are mass produced are made with all the curls being exactly the same – the same size and same diameter all around your head.  But, look at the curls on your head some are bouncier, some are larger – they are not all the same.  You might even have sections of your hair that are just wavy.


Girl on the Go will study your curl pattern and set a wig to look just like your hair…. recreating your own unique curl.

In Synthetic or Human Hair we can help you keep your Curl, curly girl!
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We offer Stress Free Shopping experience

We do not focus on selling you a wig. We are focused on treating each client with kindness, compassion. Our job is help you select the right wig so that you know that your hair loss is going to be OK. You are going to cope just fine. We’ll help you find the best wig for you, so that you feel confident.

“Let Us Help You Remain Confident In Your Appearance So You Can Be
A Girl On The Go!”

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