I want everyone to see me as I was, in my wig, feeling insecure, and not certain of my future. Sick, bald and wearing a wig was real for me. I really tried to embrace my cancer and look at it as a rebirth. Like my Bone Marrow Transplant (when my immune system was taken down to zero) my hair shared the same fate. For me, my bald head was ground zero. I tried to look at the bright side though. My guilty pleasures of being hairless meant being hairless everywhere. I liked having a body as smooth as a baby’s. I also loved my bald head in the shower. Showering bald just felt wonderful.

During my illness I tried to feel good about myself. I admit sometimes it was hard. But looking back at these photos I realize so much of it was in my head.

My advise to you is to go out and enjoy life. I know not everyday is a good cancer day – but in real life (not your cancer life) everyday is not good day, or a good hair day either. Go live!

Someone once told me there would be a Silver Lining after my cancer. I couldn’t image what she was talking about. But she was right. In some ways cancer was a blessing. I love that I started this service. I love the emails I get from people. I love helping people feel better about themselves – being able to go to their daughter’s wedding with pride, continue with school unafraid of classmates eyes, or go to work thinking about work and not their hair. I am thankful for my life ALL of it – -including my dark time with cancer because then came the light.

I want to share photos of me before my diagnosis, during my illness, and after it was over. I am you. I know your apprehensions of going through this and wearing a wig. Take a look at me and imagine yourself. You can do this!

Sheril Cohen, Survivor ;o)